Angels in the Architecture

SONY DSCOut of the many wonderful things about Prague, one of the most amazing characteristics about the city is it’s architecture. Since I have walked around the city for a week now, I have noticed that Prague houses a multitude of architectural styles. From the modern Dancing House building to the gothic churches, you can find such a range in style. I love looking around at the city’s architecture because it reflects Prague’s past and present. The city’s history shines through in its architecture and every piece of architecture has it’s own story. So far, my favorite style of architecture is Art Nouveau, which has characteristics of blending in with natural and organic surroundings. Art Nouveau has stood out to me from the first few days of being in the city. I first noticed the style within our visit to the Olšany Cemetery whenever I noticed gravestones carved out like trees. Next, we learned about Alfons Mucha, a famous artist during the Art Nouveau movement. His art pieces included natural elements like vines and flowers intertwined with beautiful women. Another style of architecture that stood out to me is the Gothic architecture. The Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle first comes to my mind when I think about this style. Also, Gothic architecture often seems to show up whenever I look up at massive churches with ribbed vaulting and pointed arches. Another odd, but interesting style of architecture I have noticed was during the Communist era. If you look at the skyline of Prague, you can see a tall modern needle-like building in the distance. It contrasts so sharply with all the ancient architecture around the city. Even though some styles may seem out of place, Prague’s various architectural styles make the city what it is today.


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