A Thousand Words: Lidice

SONY DSCAfter the visit to the church, we took a trip to Lidice, the village destroyed by Hitler’s command. Today the area where the town once stood is now a beautiful memorial-like park which also houses a museum commemorating Lidice. There were almost no artifacts leftover from the village after the bombing, so the museum had to be very creative in communicating the story of Lidice. The museum mainly used restored photos and videos of the history surrounding the event. However, it was put together in a very sophisticated way by drawing your eyes toward the photographs and text around you. The lighting and shadows together had a mournful and serious feel. I know we were all in awe when walking around.


SONY DSCThe park where Lidice once stood was also an amazing sight to see. The greenery made the area so peaceful and calm. The feeling given off in the park made you want to walk around and reflect on the event.

I was in disbelief of what a mortifying command Hitler carried out against the village. One of the museum’s plaques read:

“Adolf Hitler gave the following orders for Lidice:
All adult men to be shot.
All women to be sent to a concentration camp.
Children suitable for Germanization to be place in SS families”

SONY DSCAs the command stated, most people of Lidice did not survive. Most children and women were sent to the gas chambers. However, we got to meet a survivor of Lidice named Jaroslava Sklenickoba. She told us stories about being placed in a concentration camp. She was an amazing woman and I will never forget her presence and her stories. Overall this day was worth a thousand words in reflection of this significant and devastating event of our past.


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