Morning Glory: Crossroads Cafe

Sunday morning I journeyed to Florenc to shoot my metro stop photos. I ran into a giant bus transportation center where people from all over Europe leave or arrive in Prague. I took a break at a small coffee shop in the middle of the bus station called the Crossroads Cafe. Here I could look out of the large windows to observe the busy bus station. Frantic lost tourists stepped off their buses and immediately ran to find maps. Many visitors were excited to be in a totally new place. I couldn’t help but think about all the means of transportation and how without it, we wouldn’t be connected with the rest of the world. I remember flying over to Prague and thinking I was in a dream when I stepped off the plane. It was crazy that after 12 short hours (it seemed short since I fell asleep), I could been on the other side of the ocean. In Prague, public transportation is a huge deal. With one metro pass, you can basically go anywhere in Prague with a few simple rules. Just don’t forget your pass (or you’ll be fined), make sure you and your friends are not too loud (or you will be shushed), and stand on the right side of the escalator (or you’ll be pushed around), and give up your seat to the elderly that walk on board the tram.

Thinking about all this makes me wish that we had a tram or metro system in Austin. It’s nice to be able to look at a map and go to any part of the town by taking a few trams. Where would we be without our trains, cars, boats, and planes? We would be stuck in one place and wouldn’t be able to experience the world. After sipping on my simple black coffee, these thoughts were too much to handle early in the morning.


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