The Nocturnalist: Jazz Club


SONY DSCSince it is our last week in Prague and many of us are not sure if we are going to see each other again, we decided to celebrate the end of our journey together by going out and having fun in the city. It’s crazy to think that since we have graduating seniors in our study abroad group, there might be a chance that we will not see each other again. It made perfect sense to spend time together with the whole group. 

We ended up going to a Jazz Club that had a live band playing blues music for the night. The band was a local group from the Czech Republic. I was curious to see what blues music would be like in another country. Surprisingly, I knew or recognized most of the songs. There’s so much to do here in Prague, that I did not doubt that we could see such a great band. They were amazing, especially the drummer. He had multiple solos and he knew how to keep the crowd entertained. Even though the band members were from the Czech Republic, I couldn’t help but be reminded of home in Austin. Despite the fact that we speak different languages, not only our music, but the feeling you get from the music can be really similar. Overall, it was a great night to spend time with new friends (that already feel like old friends) and listen to comforting music.


The Nocturnalist: Sharing the Sky

After watching an evening documentary at CET, everyone in the class walked towards Wenceslas Square to get on the tram home. I immediately looked up at the sky to see a pink sunset forming. Then when I looked behind me, I found a giant rainbow over the National Theatre Opera House. It had been raining earlier that day, as it usually does in Prague, but we were all happy to see such a beautiful sky. The sunset that night seemed to mark the beginning of summer in Prague. Everyone in the city is ready to put away their umbrellas and start feeling the warmth and sunshine.

SONY DSCCompared to Prague, there seems to be so many sunsets in Austin, and it always brings happiness to the city. Before this night, I had been wondering when I would see a sunset in Prague. I loved how something as simple as the sky made all the people in the square pause and look towards the sunset. All at once, everyone was doing basically the same thing by either looking up or taking pictures. The sunset united all the different tourists from all over the world to share something in common. It is still crazy to me that everyone sees the same sun around the world. It’s comforting to know that my friends and family back in the US are looking at the same shining sun everyday even though they are over 5,000 miles away.

The Nocturnalist: Night Wanderings

After our dinner at the Strahov Brewery, everyone went on a night time walk to see the Prague Castle. I mindlessly traveled down many winding cobblestone roads to get to the castle grounds without realizing what a site I was about to see. I had previously seen the Prague Castle from a distance during the day time, however the Castle looked even more astounding at night. The street lights casted the perfect glow on the castle while giving an eerie feel and highlighting all the minute carvings on the walls. I could spend hours just looking up at the castle. I can’t image all the hard work and time it took to build this masterpiece. The size of the castle was overwhelming as well. It’s not hard to believe that the Prague Castle is the biggest castle in Europe. Also, it was fascinating to know that we were walking within the grounds of the Czech President’s offices. It was strange to think that these surroundings were equivalent to the White House in the United States.

Before coming to Prague, I read about the famous sites of the city and found an interesting story about the Bohemian crown that is kept within the Prague Castle. Supposedly during the Nazi occupation of Prague, one of the darkest figures of the Nazi party, Reinhard Heydrich, placed the Bohemian crown on his head. Legend has it that whoever wears the crown, without having possession over it, will die within the next year. The Nazi leader proved this legend to be true. Within less than a year, Heydrich was killed by Czech soldiers while traveling to the castle. This story came to mind when looking up at the daunting building. I love hearing about all the mysteries of Prague. I haven’t been in the city for long, but I can tell that each landmark will have an interesting story behind it.