A Thousand Words: Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov was probably the most beautiful city I’ve ever been too. Pictures can’t even do a justice. You have to be there to experience it’s magical atmosphere. It was like walking through a fairy tale. To me, the city often appeared to be fake because it was unrealistically beautiful. A view over the quaint town of Český Krumlov from the castle is worth a thousand words in itself.

There’s too much to describe about the three days we got to spend in the city, so I will have to narrow it down to a few of my favorite activities. On Thursday, our class got to experience a tour of the Český Krumlov castle, a structure that dates back to 1240. The castle was left with its original furniture remaining from its last inhabitants. This allowed us to view the castle in a way that showed us what life was like during that time period. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to photograph the beautiful interior of the castle. At the end of the tour, we even got to see the Český Krumlov Baroque Theatre, one of the best-preserved theatres from its time period. I was surprised to hear that the elaborate theatre was used less than hand-full of times. However, this is fortunate for us to be able to view it in its flawless state.

Another memory from the city that I will never forget was our medieval family-style dinner on our first night. Everyone in the class gathered around long tables at a restaurant sitting next to the river. Our meal consisted of huge portions of meat that we easily finished after a long day of walking. To end the dinner, we all drank delicious hot chocolate while singing and listening to our favorite songs on the guitar.

Most of our time in Český Krumlov consisted of wandering the beautiful cobblestone streets and taking pictures of everything around us. I think I enjoyed relaxing in this city so much because of how quaint it is. Český Krumlov is most well preserved renaissance town in central Europe and I was glad we got walk the streets of a town with so much history surrounding us.