Small Wonder: Children at the Mucha Exhibit

At the beginning of our study abroad trip, we were introduced to Alfrons Mucha, a very famous artist from the Czech Republic. The first time we viewed his artwork, we visited the Obechi Dum to look at a special exhibit that displayed his lithographs. We visited two rooms that showed almost all his original advertisement posters for various events and people. The collection was owned by the tennis player Ivan Lendl and it was a rare event to see almost all the pieces in one place. Mucha seemed like a visual genius. His use of symbols and hidden meanings within his artwork made the posters so captivating and interesting. After the exhibit, I was excited to find out that we were going to Veletrzni palac SONY DSCto see Mucha’s most legendary exhibition, the Slav Epic. The Slav Epic is a series of paintings that convey the journey of Slavic and Czech history. Before coming to Prague, I had never heard of the Slav Epic, and I was happy to find a class of young children learning about the Slav Epic in the art museum. We never learned anything like that in my art class in elementary school! I walked around the class to notice the details of the children’s reactions to the paintings. I realized all the children were eager to ask questions about the giant artwork in front of them. Many were raising their hands and jumping up in down in excitement. The Slav Epic paintings were gigantic and overpowering. I can’t imagine how tall they seemed in the little children’s’ eyes. I was glad to see the small class learning more than simple finger painting and crafts like I did in elementary school. Instead, the Czech children were learning about their country’s history in a very unique way.